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Instrument Rating

The next step in pilot proficiency and experience


This course is designed to enhance a pilot's skills and build confidence in challenging conditions. When you earn your instrument rating, you will no longer be limited by visual flight rules and all the restrictions that come with them.


When you become an instrument pilot, you'll be able to navigate the complexities of the National Airspace System...and less than ideal weather conditions both safely and with more confidence. 

If you're an aircraft owner with a properly-equipped IFR aircraft, we can train you in your airplane for $65 per hour.

Open the doors to new and more challenging flight experiences...start working on your instrument rating today.

Pricing (True Cost, No hidden fees)

Receive:  45 hours dual flight instruction - $2,249.10  

               45 hours aircraft rental - $600

               Sporty's Learn to Fly online Course $299

Grand Total:

              Cessna 172N $10,213.20

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